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Please take a look at my client list and resumé.

Client Services provided
Fenestra Technologies Wrote corporate press releases (ongoing)
Interiors for the Sensuous Soul Created web site (ongoing)
MetaWare Wrote online documentation (ongoing)
Blue Pumpkin Software Wrote Windows Help for enterprise call center software
MBARI Provided Microsoft FrontPage training for Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)
Intertop Wrote/edited content in user guide, HTML-based Help, and corporate web site for Internet business applications provider
Grey Zone Wrote corporate press releases for web site development company
Live Picture Wrote script and performed voice-over for online tutorial in Reality Studio software
Jim Bai Art Works Designed virtual gallery of paintings by Chinese artist

Patricia White-Kaster, President
802 Isbel Court, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-1600
Voice +1.831.427.9200

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