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Internet Glossary

In an effort to ensure my clients are self-sufficient and competitive in today's Internet business world, I am happy to provide this glossary of Internet terms. I hope you find it useful!

Term Definition
Bookmark Web page address (URL) saved in your Web browser for convenient retrieval
FTP File Transfer Protocol; service that allows you to transfer files over the Internet
Starting page of a Web site; usually the first page people see when they visit a Web site; not the same as a Web browser home page which can be any Web page you want to display each time you open the browser
HTML HyperText Markup Language; standard coding language for creating Web pages; a Web browser interprets HTML code to display a Web page properly
HTTP HyperText Transport Protocol; standard set of rules a Web browser follows to retrieve information such as a Web page
Hyperlink aka hypertext link or link; text or graphic with special HTML coding that points to another Web page or another part of the current Web page; primary type of Web navigation
Internet Global computer network connecting millions of computers and enabling world-wide communication via TCP/IP
ISP Internet Service Provider; company that provides services such as Internet access, Web site hosting, and email accounts
Web site devoted to providing users with the ability to search for web pages by keywords; search engine also refers to the software that facilitates the search; each search engine has its own database of web sites; examples of search engines include Yahoo! and AltaVista
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol; software for transmitting data over the Internet
URL Uniform Resource Locator; Web page address such as http://www.amazon.com; includes the protocol (http://) for accessing a Web page
Software, such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, that retrieves and displays Web pages
Web page aka HTML page; single HTML document on the World Wide Web; each Web page has a specific address (URL)
Software that routes requests for Web pages from one computer to another; also refers to the computer on which server software runs; usually maintained by an ISP
Web site Collection of Web pages including a home page; usually connected by hyperlinks
Wide Web
Internet service made up of HTML documents, such as Web pages, including graphics and hyperlinks; uses HTTP to communicate with Web servers and Web browsers

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